Moving with Pets

“TLC goes a long way.”

Pets, just like us, are very sensitive to changes. Moving with pets can be stressful for you and your pets too. Planning ahead will make the move more comfortable for your pet and less stressful for you. Moving companies will not move your pets, so if you plan to move with your pets, they will be your responsibility. Here are some pet moving tips to make the relocation easier.

Pets require “TLC”

Pets require loving care during the move. About a month before you move, contact your veterinarian and ask for recommendations on how to move your pet—either in your family car or by public transportation (pet carriers).

Select an enclosed area to keep your pet in while the doors are open for moving, and don’t forget to check it regularly. Calming and entertaining pets might be a chore to assign to older children.

Before you move:

•Check your new community’s licensing requirements.
•Have your pet checked and records forwarded to your new veterinarian.
•Make sure your pet is wearing tags with updated contact information.


•Verify the hotel’s pet policy.
•If pets must be left in the car (try to avoid), open the windows slightly and leave water. NEVER leave pets in cars for extended periods of time. Remember, temperatures in cars, even with the windows cracked, can reach lethal levels for pets in about 15 minutes!
•Take ample food and water.
•Always leash animals when taking an out-of-the-car break
•Familiarize pets with travel container prior to moving.
•If flying, contact the airline and your vet well in advance for information.