Apartment Deliveries

Most building management companies require a Certificate of Insurance from the movers when moving in or out. This is a document that shows that La Rosa Del Monte carries the required insurances such as Workers Compensation insurance, general liability insurance and so on.

Please give us your management company’s information when you schedule your move so that we can have our insurance agent fax the certificate to your building management company.

Insurance Process

How do I determine the amount of coverage I will need?

There is no set rule that can be used as you try to determine the value of your shipment. The best approach that we could recommend would be to determine what it would cost to replace your items if in the unlikely event a disaster were to occur and everything was lost. Look at the items being moved to determine their actual value. Avoid placing “sentimental value” on the items, as this will only increase your cost.

At the time of the estimate, our sales or customer services representative(s) will ask you to declare the value or the amount of insurance you desire on the items being moved. This will be your declaration of coverage and the amount requested will be entered onto the appropriate form. Please note that it is your responsibility to review the coverage, as anything not having a declared value will be transported at the carrier’s maximum liability of .60¢ per pound per article.

What Must I Do When My Goods Are Delivered?

At the time your goods are delivered to your apartment, home or business, the mover will ask you to sign the inventory sheet. Signing the inventory sheet is a declaration by you that all items listed on the inventory sheet have been received and the condition in which they were received. If any damage has occurred, you should note the damage as an exception on the inventory and note the damage such as scratches, dents, creases, holes, etc.

We realize that you cannot unpack and examine the contents of every box at the time of delivery. By noting any exterior damage to the package as an exception, you will aid us in determining when and how the damage or loss occurred. Therefore, if damage occurred to the contents of a package which could not be known until the package was opened, please contact your destination office immediately.

What should I do if I have a claim?

If the delivering driver did not supply one, please contact your destination office of La Rosa Del Monte and request that an insurance/claim form be sent to you. Follow the instructions on how to complete and where to send the form. Please be sure the claim being filed represents the entire claim, as supplemental filings will not be accepted.

How Does the Plan Actually Work?

We will first seek to repair a damaged item. If the item cannot be repaired then we have the option of replacing the item or reimbursing to you the value of the item. If an item is lost, we have the option of replacing the item or reimbursing to you the value of the item.

What will this policy cover?

This policy offers “All Risks” coverage while in the course of transportation, subject to some exceptions.
This policy will NOT cover:

•Jewelry, currency, valuable/negotiable papers and items of intrinsic value of any kind are NOT covered for any reason. Please do not pack these items or leave them on the premises during your move.
•Damage to items in cartons packed by owner (PBO) or to prepackaged items preventing a visual inspection of condition.
•Items received and/or transported directly in packaging from manufacturer or retailer.
•Damage by mold, moth, vermin, or mildew.
•Pairs and sets: you will only be able to claim reimbursement for the item damaged, not the entire set.
•Damage to electrical equipment, unless there are external signs of mishandling.
•Pre-existing damage or inherent vice.
•Damage due to riots, war, terrorism, acts of god or governments.
•Loss in market or appraised value.

What if my goods are stored at origin or destination?

The policy that La Rosa Del Monte provides can include up to 60 days storage insurance (subject to additional premium) at origin or destination, provided that the shipment is stored at one of our facilities. It is possible to obtain an extension of this initial period for an additional premium.