Packing & Unpacking Residential

“Pride & professionalism—the La Rosa Del Monte hallmark.”

Packing Service:

When it comes to protecting your shipment, La Rosa Del Monte’s level of pride and professionalism is reflected in our work. The first step in protecting your shipment for the journey is the use of the appropriate material and proper packing.

•Items will be packed in an assortment of boxes manufactured specifically for La Rosa Del Monte.
•Special material will be used to best protect the item being packed. •Material generally used for packing includes bubble wrap, unprinted news, tissue paper, glass separators and foam padding.
•All china, glass and crystal will be individually wrapped prior to packing
•Our in-house carpentry shop will construct wood crates, built to exact measurements, for glass and marble tabletops, statues and other specialty items.
•All rugs and carpets will be rolled and wrapped
•Each package will be specifically marked with the Customer’s name and designated room for proper placement upon delivery.

All items that are not suitable for packing will be padded for transport. These items include furniture items, large bulky pieces and large appliances. These items are padded as a standard and where required, an additional double wrapping will be utilized. Proper padding requires the following steps:

•All furniture will be dismantled, if appropriate
•All furniture will be wrapped in a minimum 3-ply paper pad
corrugated or corner pads will be used to provide additional protection if needed
•All padding will be secured to prevent any shifting during transportation minimizing the possibility of transit related damages
•Skeleton or full crates will be used on awkward or fragile pieces

Unpacking service

Our packing service will help you and allow you to resume your normal life as soon as possible.

Unpacking services include:

• Unwrap, reassemble and install furniture
• All boxes packed by La Rosa Del Monte will be unpacked and the contents will be placed on a table or surface near its final place. This will allow you to clean the shelves and organize before placing the items.
• After unpacking, La Rosa Del Monte staff will remove all cartons and packaging materials so you do not have to worry about getting rid of them.