International Tips & Considerations

“La Rosa Del Monte excels at simplifying your international move.”

 Although every move is different, they all follow a similar process as they progress from initial contact through to delivery at your new home. This section details the procedure so you know what to expect and when.

•We will first discuss your moving plans on the telephone to obtain preliminary information and begin to plan your move according to your requirements.
•An experienced surveyor will visit you at your home to discuss your move in detail. He will assess the volume / weight of your household goods and decide what special packing is required for any unusual or delicate items.
•We will provide you with a proposal clearly detailing how we intend to complete your move. This confirms that we have addressed all your requirements and eliminates any opportunity for ambiguity in the service we provide.
•We will also help you to complete the insurance and customs forms if required.
•On moving day our packers will bring detailed packing instructions and a full range of top quality materials. After packing, they will label and number everything and make a packing inventory. Special crates will be provided as identified by the surveyor. After packing, your household goods will be loaded at your door into a shipping container or a La Rosa Del Monte vehicle. Containers are sealed, travel direct to the port for shipment, and remain untouched throughout the voyage.

•We will monitor your household goods throughout its journey and handle all the necessary documentation. If you are going to a country where we do not have our own office we will select a professional and qualified partner to work with us to handle customs clearance and delivery at destination.
•When you arrive, please contact the destination office to set up clear lines of instruction for clearance and delivery. If the shipment arrives before your new home is ready, local storage can be arranged until your plans become clear.
•Finally, your goods will be delivered to your home, unloaded, unpacked, the furniture arranged and the used packing materials disposed of.

Other Considerations

•You must have original receipts for any electronic equipment you take to prove ownership and avoid costly duties
•Musical instruments may require special expert treatment before being moved; a local retailer of the kind of instrument you own can usually refer you to someone who will be able to make the appropriate preparations for you
•Expect to adopt new shopping habits. You may also need to become familiar with new clothing sizes and units of measurement. You may visit our Clothing and Measurement Conversion Charts
•Make sure you and your family members have the necessary vaccinations for the destination country. The Federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention can provide information
•Confirm that your health plan will provide coverage in your destination country
•Make sure that your will and other legal documents are in order prior to departure; keep them in a safe-deposit box, and appoint a trustworthy person access to the box in your absence
•Don’t pack school records, medical/dental records, or other important documents you may need immediately upon arrival in your destination country