Instructions for shipping vehicles from Puerto Rico to USA


1. Copy of Ownership Title, copy of the Vehicle Registration, and copy of the owner’s Driver’s License. Please make sure the Title and the vehicle registration do not have any lien (conditional sales or loan). If the vehicle is being financed, you must ask the bank or financial institution, a letter in original, authorizing the export of the vehicle.

2. Original pre-inspection from the Police Department (Division of Stolen Vehicle) of the city or municipality that correspond according with the customer residence. You can go to the closest Police Department, and ask then to let you know where is the closest “División de Vehículos Hurtados”. While there ask for an original “Certificado de Vehículos Hurtados”. This document has a maturity period of five (5) days. No vehicle will be accepted unless it has legible identification numbers in the doors, hood, trunk and dash board, and all replaced parts are documented. Before loading the vehicle into the container, the unit is inspected again by the Police Department, which issues the final Export Certificate. If at the time of inspection discrepancies are found and the agency does not issue the Export Certificate, LA Rosa Del Monte Express (LRDM) will not be responsible for the delay in shipping and the owner or his/her representative must resolve any situation directly with the Division of Stoten Vehicle and / or the Department of Transportation and Public Works (CESCO). Such delay may motivate additional parking charges or other charges as applicable.

3. Original voucher from the Treasury Department (Internal Revenue) with the code “5122”. You can get this on any “Colecturía”. Just ask for a “Comprobante con el Código 5122”.

4. Original Certificate of No Fine (Form “DTOP-DIS-224”) and original Vehicle Certification (Form “DTOP-DIS-234”), from from the Public Motor Vehicle Department (CESCO / “Obras Públicas”), duly signed and sealed. These certifications must indicate that the vehicle has no outstanding fines and official vehicle information; both certifications are valid for three (3) days from the date of issue.

5. Original Certification of Negative of Assessment (“Certificación de Deuda de la Administración de Compensación por Accidentes de Automóviles”), issued by ACAA (Chardon Ave. / 787-759-8989. This certificate experies after twenty (20) days.

6. Original Certificate of Pressure Wash and Clean, including the motor, body and beneath the vehicle. An original receipt of certificate is valid proof, and should not have more than three (3) days of issued.

7. Original Affidavit (“Declaración Jurada”) issued by an attorney of Puerto Rico, which authorizes La Rosa Del Monte Express, and the Puerto Rico Police to process and export your vehicle. This authorization shall include the make, model, year, title number, plate number, color and serial number of the vehicle. A sample of this authorization is included at the end of this document. If another person, who is not the owner of the vehicle, makes the delivery of the same, the name of that representative must be included in the notarized authorization. This representative must present a copy of a valid photo ID. This authorization must indicate that the Police of Puerto Rico and La Rosa Del Monte Express are relieved of any responsibility for the information presented in said document. In the event that the owner of the vehicle is outside of Puerto Rico, he/she must present, through the person he/she designates, a notarized power, in original, where he/she authorizes the designee to represent him/her in export process. The power must describe the vehicle and relieve La Rosa Del Monte Express and the Puerto Rico Police of any responsibility for the information provided. Once the designated person receives the notarized power from the vehicle’s owner, the representative of the owner must prepare the notarized authorization indicated at the beginning of this paragraph.

8. Aftermarket Window Tint Certification (“Certificación de Uso de Tintes de la División de Tránsito de la Policía de Puerto Rico”). As a requirement of the Stolen Vehicles Division of the Puerto Rico Police Department, vehicles with aftermarket window tint must have certification of being legal by the Traffic Division of the Police of Puerto Rico.

9. If the vehicle has an alarm (not from the manufacturer), it should be disconnected prior to bring the unit to our facilities. LRDM is not responsible for mechanical or electrical problems in your vehicle.

10. El vehículo no deberá tener filtraciones o escapes de aceites o de otros líquidos. Vehicle should not have more than ¼ of fuel tank. The unit must not have leaks of any kind.

11. For security measures we do not accept any articles inside your vehicle, except the jack and spare tire. LRDM will not be responsible for lost items left inside the vehicles, other than those permitted.

12. Vehicles that do not operate will have an additional fee of $ 600.00. The vehicle should be spaced more than eight (8) inches between the road and the chassis. Vehicles with alterations in its body or suspension systems, will have an additional fee.

13. La Rosa Del Monte will provide you with a copy of the Vehicle Check List (inspection form), at the moment you bring the unit to our facilities.

14. All vehicles are inspected by the USDA. USDA may require that some vehicles be washed again. If so, it will represent an additional charge. This charge must be paid before the vehicle is delivered to the destination.

15. All shipments of vehicles must be properly prepaid by certified check, money order or ATM. We do not accept personal checks or company checks.

16. The owner or authorized party must be available to pickup/receive the vehicle as soon as LRDM notifies the arrival of the unit. Otherwise you could incur in parking and other fees, as applicable.

17. If you export your vehicle to cold areas, you should add antifreeze to your vehicle’s radiator to prevent water freezing. Check with your service workshop. LRDM is not responsible for damage to the vehicle due to the lack of antifreeze.

18. Vehicles must not have broken glass.

19. Once all these requirements are met, the vehicle can be received in our facilities Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 3:30pm.

Insurance Provisions:
• Our rate includes a limited insurance cover up to a maximum of $ 0.60 per pound, depending on the weight of the vehicle transported.
• As an option, LRDM offers insurance against all-risk at 3.5% of the total declared value (up to the current value of the vehicle in the market). The market value of the car will be determined by the records provided by the system www.kbb.com.
• The insurance does not cover, washed, peeled, dented or scraped vehicles.
• LRDM is not responsible for mechanical or electrical problems in your vehicle.