About La Rosa del Monte


“World-class service delivered by world-class professionals.”
La Rosa Del Monte enjoys a 50-year history of success stories that range from small apartment moves to celebrity mansion moves, from a “just around the block” move to an “across the globe move,” and from personal to corporate. It is a point of pride for La Rosa Del Monte that many of our customers are repeat clients, and many more are referrals from satisfied clients. With professionalism and performance at the cornerstone of every La Rosa Del Monte move, our certified moving experts have an unfaltering commitment to excellence and top-of-the-line personalized service.

Our Mission

We at La Rosa Del Monte have successfully employed our “Personal Touch” service in a simple and sensible manner that brings peace of mind to your otherwise stressful move. From consultation and planning to packing, shipping and storage, our complete range of services and our years of experience in overseas and interstate moving will make your move a safer, easier and more pleasant experience.

Our Skills

Relocations 100%
Packing 100%
Rigging 100%

Corporate Overview

“100% Family-owned and operated means 100% dedication to success.”

As a family-owned and operated business with 100% ownership and 100% involvement on a day-to-day basis, we have raised the bar on quality standards for our industry.

Our custom-designed information systems network enables us to attend to your personal or business possessions with unfaltering attention, from Door-to-Port, Port-to-Door, and Door-to-Door, anywhere within the Continental United States, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic Caribbean…or wherever you need to move. And because you are dealing directly with an independent van line, and not through a franchised agent or middleman, you benefit by moving at lower rates.

La Rosa Del Monte also has the unique distinction of being the largest Hispanic moving company in the United States.

The La Rosa Del Monte team is comprised of accomplished professionals who live up to our uniform standards of excellence 365 days of the year. Our professionals are background-checked, drug tested, thoroughly trained and certified in their jobs. In addition to meeting strict selection criteria for hiring, our drivers are continuously scrutinized through safety audits, random vehicle inspections, and customer feedback.

At minimum, drivers are required to have:

•Two years household goods experience
•Clean bill of health physical exams and drug screenings
•Vehicle inspection approval
•Reputable background, credit, and employment records
•Successful written and over-the-road tests

La Rosa Del Monte owns and operates its own nationwide moving and storage facilities, strategically located in major U.S. markets.

All facilities feature:

•Modern, secure storage
•24-hour remotely monitored security surveillance systems
•State-of-the-art fire alarm, protection systems
•Stare-of-the-art equipment and optimum services
•Pest fumigation

In the rare case of a customer claim, La Rosa Del Monte comes forward with a prompt, fair settlement that has earned us an unequaled position of respect within the industry.